Tax deductions for technical blinds

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The Budget Law renewed for 2023, contemplates the bonus for energy requalification, which includes the purchase of solar shading.

Thanks to the benefits provided, it is possible to deduct 50% of the costs for the purchase and installation of technical curtains from Irpef or Ires, up to a maximum of 60.000 euros (sixty thousand euros) to be divided over ten years.

Solar screens are essential to modulate light and optimizing the building energy saving: they protect against atmospheric agents and sun exposure, guaranteeing greater rooms freshness with less energy expenditure during hot periods and ensuring greater heat in the rooms with less energy expenditure during cold periods. Installing the correct type of solar shading helps to have always-maximum comfort without waste, so our consultants are always at your complete disposal to find the most suitable solution.

What are the requirements?

The tax deduction for awnings and technical indoor blinds is up to all taxpayers, individuals and holders of VAT numbers, who own or use the property subject to energy saving measures.

The Vademecum drawn up by Enea, the National Authority for Energy Efficiency, summarizes the requirements established by the Decree of 26 June 2009 “National guidelines for the energy certification of buildings” published in the Official Gazette n. 158 of 10/07/2009, in art. 7, paragraph 2. In order to take advantage of the tax deductions, the sun screens must have a CE marking and be made with certified fabrics with a high level of protection from the sun’s rays, a typical feature of our technical awnings.

The legislation clearly states that the shields must meet certain requirements:

● be placed to protect a glass surface (inside, outside or integrated with it)
● be adjustable according to the season and weather conditions
● be applied on the building frame and cannot be freely assembled or disassembled by the user

The blackout curtains can be installed on any side of the building. On the contrary, screens not combined with windows, such as external awnings, are not deductible if facing north.

Apostoli Daniele offers an important service

Accessing to the benefits is not difficult; however some precise bureaucratic steps must be followed. To help obtain the deductions, we explain how to proceed systematically, providing all the necessary documentation to join the eco-bonus. On request, we offer the service of filling out the description of the intervention (Annex F to the “building decree”) by sending it directly to ENEA within 90 days of the work completion.


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