Technical blinds for contract supplies

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Thanks to our many years of experience in the world of contract, we support designers and architects in the choice of technical materials for functional solutions for curtains and solar screens tailored to every context.

In the contract sector, in fact, the choice of curtains also plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere: it is essential to choose solutions that, in addition to reflecting the desired style and design, also meet specific practical and technical requirements.

We make darkening curtains or sound-absorbing curtains that reduce the reverberation of sound inside the rooms, thus helping to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

This is especially useful in contexts such as conference rooms, restaurants or offices, where it is important to create privacy or limit background noise to encourage concentration and well-being of the people inside them.

We also offer heat insulating materials that help to maintain the temperature inside the rooms, thus reducing heat loss during the winter and limiting the increase in temperatures during the summer.

This helps to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by significantly reducing consumption, as well as improving the aesthetics of environments with attractive design solutions.

Our range includes high quality solutions with certified fire retardant properties, also suitable for naval environments or with eco-sustainability certifications.

We make sunscreens for both outdoor and indoor environments: awnings, pergolas, sails, sunshades, roller blinds, venetians blinds, panel blinds and pleated systems.

You can request more information or a customized quote tailored to your needs.

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