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From the study of tailor-made solutions, to quick and punctual delivery times, the services offered by Apostoli Daniele are a real benefit for the customer who looks for competence and reliability.

Design, consultancy and a prompt assistance service available 7 days a week: Apostoli Daniele solves any problem related to technical curtains and industrial closures, pre-existing or to be installed.

  • Design
  • Service
  • Quality, security and assistance
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We offer the possibility to differentiate each product by giving the design each customer wants. We customize the awning by reproducing a logo or an ad hoc graphic directly on the fabric. In this way, it is possible to coordinate the perfect image for each context, proportioning the print in relation to the curtain size and the related colours. Our production potential allows us to elevate the product with a 360 ° custom-made supply by customizing the structure, from the accessories to the fabric.


We carefully study specific scheduled maintenance contracts, taking care of customization according to the product in question and the customer’s needs. Periodic maintenance interventions are required by law in the industrial sector, and strongly recommended for any product as a preventive action because they are aimed at reducing possible damage related to the use.

The convenience of scheduled maintenance offers discounted rates in the contractual phase, as well as guaranteeing priority intervention for an even faster service. The convenience linked to the Apostoli maintenance interventions relieves the customer of the concern of the organization, giving to the company the responsibility to schedule them according to the program.

Quality, security and assistance

Each item is made after a careful selection of the best materials following strict production standards.

We offer assistance for repairs, spare parts and replacements of each product offered by the company to improve the performance of each item over time.


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