Sede Apostoli Daniele

Privacy policy

In accordance to Article 13 of UE Regulation 2016/679, we inform you that our organization has set its activities to offers the maximum protection of your personal data, which you provide us or which we are aware of.

These data are necessary for the contractual relation and fiscal obligations, including, for example, personal and delivery data, commercial and accounting information (correspondence, estimates, orders, invoices, bank details, etc), specific information concerning the service to be performed or the product to be delivered (collection and delivery methods and locations, etc).

With your agreement, the data provided may include video / photographic material related to the work done for you by APOSTOLI DANIELE S.R.L.

Your data will be used for the following purposes:

  • purposes that concern the relationship with customers,
  • purposes related to legal obligations,
  • management purposes, financial, credit control and protection purposes,
  • in connection to video / photographic material of the work done by APOSTOLI DANIELE S.R.L., promotional purposes of the company through paper material and / or the web page and / or social network related to APOSTOLI DANIELE S.R.L.

These data will be used exclusively for the direct purpose for which we are provided, we specify that the opposition to the processing or the failure data could make it impossible to execute contracts and the continuation of the relationship.

Take into consideration that:

  • the data may be communicated by us to insurance companies and service providers, for example agents, banking, financial, accounting, tax consultancy, transport, control and debt collection services, as well as obligations deriving from national or local regulations, local authorities and other public entities;
  • at any time you may request to exercise your rights, including access to personal data processed, the request to proceed with their correction or cancellation, the limitation of processing, as well as to revoke the consent provided or to oppose the processing itself, to the portability of the data, as well as to propose a complaint to the Privacy Guarantor;
  • your data will be kept for the whole duration of the relationship and at least for the minimum time required by the law of reference. In the absence of these rules APOSTOLI DANIELE S.R.L. establishes a limited retention period, not exceeding ten years from the end of the use of these data.

The data controller is APOSTOLI DANIELE S.R.L., with the following contacts: