The product is assisted by a warranty according to the law and in particular:

  • For consumers, that is those who buy for purposes irrelevant to their professional or business activities, the seller will apply the Legislative Decree 2 of February 2002, Nr. 24 – art. 1519 – bis and following Civil Code ( Two years after delivery to the conditions of law)
  • For other buyers, who usually purchase with a VAT, statutory warranties referred to in art. 1490 and following of the Civil Code (One year after delivery to the conditions of law)


Design: thanks to the internal production, we create solar protections studied on specified aesthetical needs to which the standards blinds are not able to answer.

Technic: often the awning has to answer to aesthetical and technical requests for a specific usage, sometimes in structural unusual contests for that is necessary to project ad hoc the right solution.

Energy saving: through the choice of appropriate materials, is possible to study the relative factors of energy saving, fundamental aspect in project phase.


Sincedecades, Apostoli Daniele sells and installs only automations that are leader in the national and European market by a controlled and important research, done with an important care, by internal specialists.

In this way, the company is proud of its wide range of solutions, easy to install, destined to satisfy each kind of application: swing and sliding gates, automatic doors, shutters, road barriers, industrial closures, rolling shutters, technical blinds and awnings.

Entrusted to our specialists and our experience to get the best solution for every need.

Management of automations: the home automation AD protect home from intrusions and domestic accidents, such as fire, flood, or gas leakage. This is possible by installing at home suitable detectors and sensors, closed-circuit cameras, the electro valve closure and preparing calling to the flying squads.

Safety: the home automation AD permits to management as best it can the house comfort by the automatic systems control such as air-conditioning, enlightenment and the sound diffusion in each rooms. The home automation AD by the concept of scenario allows summarising your ideas in a single command activating it by means of a tablet, smartphone wherever you are even before your coming back; you can combine the different applications of your home with only one remote control.

Scenario concept: the automations inside or outside of residential units are numerous, from rolling shutters to gates, from garage door to awnings. Controlling the functionality of all systems by means of a home automation system AD that allow managing them without the worry to command them one by one, every time by exit or by enter. This is possible also if you are far away from your home by a smartphone, a tablet or simply with a PC with internet connection, all in complete safety.