Portone industriale a libro

Door suitable for industrial places, minimal amount of space for big openings

Folding doors

Portone industriale a libro
Portone industriale bianco a libro
Portone di un capannone bianco
Serie di portoni industriali a libro color legno
Porta industriale a libro grigia
Porta industriale blu per capannone
  • Installation | internal – external
  • Insulating frame | these industrial products, thanks to their particular folding structure, guarantee an optimal level of thermal insulation
  • Seals | the lateral seals, applied between panels, seal against wind, rail, humidity, and assure the protection against fingers crushing
  • Shutters | realized with an internal perimeter frame with contour of 50x50x 2 mm, zinc-coated and covered by a zinc-coated pre-painted plate in the 2 faces
  • Amount of space | when opened, the folding doors, thanks to their reduced amount of space, permit the transit operations to vehicles with a slightly less width than that of the door itself. Also for this reason, these doors could be adapted in an optimal way when the operative activity demands big opening
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