tende veneziane

Versions are recognized for their quality and durability. They are solutions highly functional and decorative at the same time. A wide choice, with polished finishing, embossed, microperforated, wood. Components, aluminum alloys and paint systems, together with automated assembly processes, guarantee the achievement of the highest quality standards currently on the market in the sunscreen.

Venetians blinds Contract

Tende veneziane Contract
Particolare delle tende veneziane contract
Ufficio con tende veneziane contract bianche
Tende veneziane contract alluminio
Dettaglio delle tende venziane contract
  • Flexible management of the light thanks to the vertical movement of the blind and to the slats orientation
  • Essential design
  • Aluminium slats 16mm and 25mm
  • Matched bottom, headbox and strings
  • Available rope or rod operation
  • Best rapport quality/price

Venetians blinds Eos

Tende veneziane Luxaflex Eos in cucina
Particolare delle tende veneziane Eos Luxaflex
Veneziane Luxaflex Eos blu
Bagno con tende veneziane Luxaflex azzurre
Tenda veneziana da interno rossa
  • Flexible management of the light thanks to the vertical movement of the blind and to the slats orientation
  • Detailed and well-finished design
  • Aluminium slats 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm.
  • Exclusive slat 70 mm, variation for humid place available, variation Fusion with aluminium headbox and bottom available
  • Matched bottom, headbox and strings
  • Up to 6MT square with slats 16 mm and 25mm, up to 18MT square with slats 70mm
  • Doable with special shapes

Venetians blinds Eos Duoflex

Tende veneziane Duoflex
Angolo studio con veneziane Duoflex color legno
Ufficio moderno con tende veneziane per interni Duoflex
Particolare effetto luce con tende duoflex
  • Duoflex: slats orientation on the superior half or on the inferior one. Available string/rod operation or with motor. Available with slats 25mm or 70mm
  • Variozone™: slats orientation according to prearranged zones.
  • Available chain operation. Available with slats 25mm
  • Megaview®: slats combination with consequent increase of the pitch and greater transparency. Available string/rod or handle/rod operation. Available with slats 25mm
  • Top Down: superior and inferior opening. Available manual operation with double rubbed handle, only driven. Available with slats 16mm or 25mm
  • Grip: aesthetical neat because without commands in view. Available manual operation with rubbed handle, only driven. Available Tilt-only system. Available with slats 16mm or 25mm
  • Mono command: orientation and wrapping controlled by a single command. Available chain or hand crank operation, motorized. Available with slats 16mm, 25mm, 70mm
  • String/rod: operation by means of string for wrapping and rod for orientation. They can be positioned by choice both on a side or separated

Venetians blinds Eos Variozone

Effetto luce delle veneziane Variozone
Ufficio moderno con tende Variozone
Watch the Variozone Luxaflex blind's video:

Venetians blinds Eos Megaview

Tende veneziane Luxaflex Megaview grigio
Tende veneziane per interni Megaview rosse
Tende veneziane Megaview rosse
Veneziane Megaview Luxaflex blu
Tende veneziane per interni grigie

Venetians blinds Eos Top Down

Tende veneziane Luxaflex Top Down
Angolo cucina con veneziane Luxaflex Top Down
Particolare delle tende Luxaflex Top Down gialle
Dettaglio della tenda veneziana Luxaflex Top Down
Cucina con tende veneziane gialle
Tende veneziane Luxaflex gialle

Venetians blinds Eos Grip

Tende veneziane Luxaflex Eos Grip
Particolare veneziana Luxaflex Grip in legno
Effetto luce di una tenda veneziana Luxaflex Grip
Effetto luce di una veneziana Grip

Wood venetians blinds

Tende veneziane in legno
Tende veneziane Luxaflex in legno
Particolare tenda veneziana in legno
Ufficio con tende veneziane in legno per interni
Veneziane in legno chiaro
Tende veneziane Luxaflex in legno scuro
Dettaglio di una tenda veneziana in legno
  • Flexible management of the light thanks to the vertical movement of the blind and to the slats orientation
  • Sophisticated and warm design
  • Aluminium slats 35mm, 50mm, 68mm
  • Headbox matches with slats. Available Fusion variation with headbox, bottom and tassels in
  • Aluminium satin. Available Evolution variation with wood mechanic in view
  • Available variation for humid places
  • Available string or hand crank operation.
  • Available with motor
Watch the wood venetian's video:

Venetian blinds external

Tende veneziane esterne
Veneziane esterne verdi

The control of the sunshine rays and the heat is fundamental into the planning of housing comfort and of energy saving. For this reason Apostoli

Daniele offers a wide range of solar protection that, in compliance with the existing geometries, merge with the architecture to increase aesthetic and comfort.

According to the same principle, the offer is completed by a selection of mosquito nets able to merge in a unique element a looking-after design and protection of the internal places, bringing down visual and structural obstructions.

The continuous research and the care of the production chain let the company to identify itself as a reference figure in the field, guaranteeing first quality products and assistance forward in time.

In this way, Apostoli Daniele offers a wide range of external protections to satisfy the needs of each contest.

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