porte sezionali residenziali dal design personalizzato

The SR sectional doors are the modern solution to your garage and body-shop locking needs. Their solid and space-saving structure make them adaptable to most of the building needs of modern houses.


Automatic vertical opening function that can be operated either manually or electronically with the support of a small electronic motor.
While opening the door, the activation of the device is supported by a towing gear-motor powered by a 24 V voltage and dimensioned according to the garage measures. If you opt for a manual opening system the force that need to be applied is considerably small, thanks to the group of springs that complete the structure. The closure of the door, instead, can be easily done pulling down the retrieving polypropylene chord.

The surface of the closure is made by horizontal insulated antipinching panels available in different colors and finishing in order to satisfy any of our customers’ needs. The panels are attached to the structure through cushioned-wheel stirrups : this configuration of the layer allows resistance to the wind power (according to the UNI EN13241-1 regulation) and consent vertical sliding.

The side and horizontal runners are made of zinc-plated metal sheets, welded and press-bent; they ensure the sliding of the wheels and the attachment of the door to the existing wall.

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Sectional doors for garages Royal

Porta sezionale per garage Royal
Porta sezionale Royal in tinta
  • Exclusive and sophisticated aesthetic
  • Panels without slats and smooth to the touch
  • Standard RAL 9006, 1013, 9016, 7016, 9005, 6009, steel effect, rust effect, golden oak, oak
  • Available in version MEDIUM slat 25 cm standard RAL 9010, 9016, walnut, golden oak, dark oak, oak, green ivy
  • Available in version TOP off-axis standard
  • RAL 9016, 7016
  • Double thickness of the external plate
  • Other variations RAL on demand

Sectional doors for garages Exclusive

Portone sezionale per garage Exclusive bianco
Porte garage Exclusive
  • Refined aesthetic in every details
  • Panel characterized by small waves with pitch 5 and 10mm smooth to the touch and embossed stucco
  • Available in version MICRO pitch 5mm standard RAL 9006, 9010, 9016, oak
  • Available in version MACRO pitch 10mm standard RAL 9006
  • Other variations RAL colour on demand

Sectional doors for garages Large

Porta sezionale garage Large verde
  • Suitable Aesthetic for contest both classical and modern
  • Panel without slats, embossed wood or stucco
  • Standard RAL 9016, 7016, 9010, 8014, 6009, golden oak
  • Other variations RAL on demand

Sectional doors for garages Medium

  • Solid aesthetic given by the imagine of strong board
  • Panel with slat 25mm, embossed wood or stucco
  • Standard RAL 9010, 7016, 8014, 8017, 6005, 6009, 9016 embossed, golden oak, walnut
  • Other variations RAL on demand

Sectional doors for garages Small

Porte sezionali per garage Small
  • Light, minimal and strong aesthetic
  • Panel with slat 10mm, embossed wood or stucco
  • Standard RAL 9006, 9002, 9010, 9016, 8017, 6009, golden oak, walnut, dark oak, mahogany
  • Suitable for big openings up to 10 MT wide
  • Other variations RAL on demand

Sectional doors for garages Box

Porta sezionale per garage Box
Doppia porta sezionale Box bianca
  • Suitable aesthetic for country or classical contests
  • Panel with frame, embossed wood
  • Standard RAL 9016, 9010 embossed wood; golden oak smooth to the touch
  • Other variations RAL on demand

Sectional doors for garages Air

Porta sezionale per garage Air
Disegno particolare porta sezionale Air
  • Suitable aesthetic for garages and condominiums
  • Framework in reinforced aluminium with panels in pierced aluminium
  • Possibility of inserted or lateral external pedestrian door, motorization for intensive usage, traffic light for exits management and advanced security system

Sectional doors for garages Window

Porte sezionali Window
  • Suitable aesthetic for modern and refined contests
  • Panel with Aluminium frame – satin or RAL painted
  • Possibility of new combinations of windows and panels in aluminium
  • Available sheets with double polycarbonate; transparent, satin or ice effect acrylic; security triple-layer painted glass

Pedestrian door

Porta pedonale per garage

Integrated pedestrian door obtained inside a sectional door. Suitable for contests in which there is a need of pedestrian ways. Available in the dimensions W800mm and L1200 mm, completed with door closer, handle or anti-panic handle and standard lock with three closing points. Possibility to have a lowered walkable doorstep to ease the passage of vehicles on wheels.

Lateral pedestrian door custom-made realized with the same panels of the sectional door, completed with door closer, supporting structure in Aluminium contours and gaskets on the entire perimeter. The door with double shutter is available on demand, whereas the framework can be ordered with or without frame.

TL and RSC Mechanic

Meccanica TL per porte sezionali
Meccanica R40 per porte garage

The best solution for sectional doors of all measures or equipped with accessories such as the integrated pedestrian door or the structural supports for big dimensions doors. The standard version of the residential mechanic TL is supplied with double superior rails and frontal torsion springs (one spring for door up to three MT to length, two springs in case of bigger doors). The requested architrave is only 180mm and the parapets 100mm. On demand can we supply solutions with posterior springs (architrave 150mm) or sliding for sloping ceiling or with higher architrave

Custom-made design

Design personalizzato per porte sezionali per garage
Design personalizzato azzurro porta garage
Design personalizzato per due porte sezionali garage
Design personalizzato porte garage
Porta garage azzurra con design personalizzato
Porta sezionale garage dal design personalizzato
Doppia porta sezionale con design personalizzato
Porta sezionale garage con design personalizzato
  • We realize your composition directly on the sectional door by stainless steel and coloured plates alike RAL
  • We express your personal design also on the garage door or on the doorway for a unique aesthetic
  • At your disposal a wide range of windows with double layer of acrylic in the variation of transparent, opaque, ice effect. Frame in acrylic, anodized Aluminium, stainless steel, all paintable in colour of the door (Aluminium available also alike wood golden oak)

The group of springs adopted is an essential part for the perfect functioning of sectional doors. It is set up on a rod on which two springs are installed (one on the right and one on the left), that allow to apply less power when lifting the garage door. This device consents reduced dimensions in case of automatic doors, or, the employ of a minor force in case of manual-opening doors.

All sectional doors are equipped with an anti-breaking spring system that help blocking mechanically the rod in case of fault. A further safety measure, in case of automatic activation, is provided by the gear-motor endowed with an obstacle-detection system that reverses the gear in case of interference.

All sectional doors are supplied with upper and lower holding gaskets. The material is black EPDM and all doors are installed in extruded structural steel that delimit the door coating.

The coating can be equipped with one of more lines of portholes that allow you to see through the paneling. They’re structured by a black inner and outer PVC perimetric profile and the transparent

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