Portone industriale di grandi dimensioni

Rapid fold-up door suitable for big opening and industrial places particularly exposed to external agents.

Sail Door

Interno del portone industriale Sail Door
Particolare della Sail Door su apertura di grandi dimensioni
Muletto esterno alla porta per grandi capannoni
Particolare del sistema di apertura porta Sail Door

Installation | internal – internal, internal – external
Pillars | shaped zinc-coated beams on which slide patented trailers. Covering protection in press curved plate in zinc-coated steel, dyed RAL on demand
Crossbeam | absent
Motors | nr.2 trolling motors, they are independent and they are installed on the floor in order to simplify the maintenance. They are positioned close to the pillar
Cloth | in self extinguishing PVC class II, anti UV and anti mould, double face painting, 670 g/m2, stiffed by means of steel cables that are connected to the pillars througt patented trailers.
Optional | portholes or visibility stripes hydraulic motor sound-proof double cloth reverso system
Feature | hight wind resistance simplified maintenance

Technical features

  • Opening / closing speed 0,4 m/s
  • Resistance to the cloth tears 3000 N/5cm
  • Max dimensions* 16000×10000 mm
  • Max strenght on the primary side UNI EN 13241-1
  • Door according UNI EN 13241-1
  • Resistance to the pressure difference cl IV

*on demand we can verify bigger dimensions


  • Nominal tension of installation 400V / 3+T
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Engine power nr.2 from 0,37 to 1,1 kW
  • Motor reducer placed to the floor

Opening systems

Metal detector | automatic opening command with metallic mass detector with magnetic turns
Radar | opening command for industrial doors. It detects both people and vehicles on surfaces from 1 to 20 sqm, directable if necessary
Remote control | opening range of transmitters variable from 80 to 100 mt

Security systems

Passage control is managed and controlled in safety by a photocell barrier with sequential darkening placed where the cloth slides. The mobile protection system on the closure side is not necessary thanks to the contact absence between cloth and possible obstacle. The patented mechanical fall arrester avoids the cloth fall in case the transmission chain breaks

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