Porte industriali rapide

The industrial closures represent today the perfect idea for the management and protection of the access ways and for the separation of commercial and industrial buildings.
There are a different kind of doors depending on the specific need:
The rapid doors offer a good level of insulation and protection against powder present in the ways that need frequent daily openings. They arecharacterized by the high speed of the cloth climb.
The flap doors are generally used in shops, supermarket or in production plants of the food field in order to separate the places for customers and the storehouses. They are generally transparent to allow the visibility between the two places.

The PVC stripes are the most economical and versatile solution to offer a separation between production places.
The folding doors are generally applied to the big opening of the industrial and commercial buildings. Thanks to their type of closing (like a book), they do not need important spaces for the panels shelter when the door is opened.
The shutters are formed by knits o by thin metal panels that wrap themselves in a closed container above that has reduced dimensions.
Please do not hesitate to take us counsel about the best solution in order to satisfy your need, we will be able to suggest to you with competence and precision the most suitable closure.

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